Re-Opening After COVID-19

Re-Opening After COVID-19

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The coronavirus has affected us all, in big ways. Ever since mid-March, we have been unable to meet together in our churches. Even today, the virus is still spreading. There isn’t a vaccine, or even a well-proven treatment option, other than mitigating symptoms to hopefully prevent death while the body fights off the disease. Every day, between 1,000 – 2,000 Americans are dying from the disease, despite strict social distancing guidelines.

Nevertheless, we are tired of social distancing. Conspiracy theories are running wild. The Kentucky governor had said that the ban on in-person worship services would be lifted on May 20. In the latest news, last Friday a federal court overturned Kentucky’s ban on holding in-person worship services, and many churches are making plans to begin meeting again very soon.

I have mixed feelings about it. I’m glad to see a “win” for religious liberty. Of course, I’m anxious to see our church members again. We are definitely “due” to start worshiping together in person. I’m as tired of social distancing as the next guy. Our medical system hasn’t been overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases as we feared, and we are learning a lot more about the virus. On the flip side, I still feel we should proceed with caution. Just because the state has been told that it can’t technically ban religious gatherings, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wise to gather unrestricted. After all, the virus is no respecter of persons! I would hate to be responsible for opening a service, only to have people get sick as a result!

When will we re-open the doors? As soon as we are ready, but not any sooner. By that I mean, I don’t believe it’s wise to open right away. In conversation with the other pastors, we feel that it’s wise to wait until June before we re-open our church buildings for in-person services. That will give time to prepare, and also allow folks to participate in the online Kentucky-Tennessee camp meeting. I have discussed this with several church leaders. I will be meeting online with one of our church boards this week to discuss further.

I’ve shared many of my thoughts on this COVID-19 situation in my message in March, on Coronavirus and the Bible. Today, I participated in a panel discussion with area pastors regarding reopening of our churches. I shared a presentation that outlines the key points of the “Healthy at Work” Requirements for Places of Worship.


Here are some resources available for download:

Here is the video of the panel discussion

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