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Opposite Hearts

Though I’ve never been a parent, and certainly never a mother, I wanted to share these words from the heart of a mother, because I believe they capture the essence of today’s message so well: One day as I was

A Gifted Coat

His was perhaps the greatest prophet since the days of Moses. Not since that time had a voice echoed through the hills of Israel such as his. Not since Moses had Israel witnessed such dramatic miracles. Never had the heavens


My last post, Followers in Service, discussed the history of ancient Israel—how during the time of the judges and kings, the very worst tragedy seemed to be, not just the lack of leaders, but the failure of so many leaders

Followers in Service

You know, when I was younger, I never much liked studying history. It always seemed so full of names, places, and dates that seemed so long ago and far, far away. But something about the experiences of life, I’ve grown

Will You Not Hear?

Injustice. Oppression. Violence. These words seem to name the themes of most of the evening news nowadays, but it’s nothing new, by any means. In fact, these sad realities have been the norm for much of this world’s history. But

A God of Small Things

I remember when I was maybe 12 years old, I went over to visit my dad in his office at the academy, as I had done on numerous occasions. This particular day, the math teacher, who was a good friend

The Choice of Eternity

Throughout the Bible, the distinction between the righteous and the wicked—the saved and the lost—has hinged on a single decision. A decision to walk in the path of obedience, and a decision to accept an offer of grace. Ironically, it’s not the same decision for each person or for each time, but the distinction right and wrong, good and evil has always hinged on a single choice.

The Choice of the Moment

Every moment, we make choices. Little choices, it would seem. And if the research is true, we make thousands every day. But I would submit to you that it is these little choices, moment my moment, that have a bigger impact on our destiny than even the so-called “big” choices.

The Choice of Life

Every day, we make choices. Lots of them. Every one of these is important, but perhaps most of them are small. Yet there come times in each of our lives that we come to exceptionally important choices. We may not always recognize them at the time, but looking back we do. We refer to such times as “Watershed Moments,” because, like the continental divide, the choice of one moment has affected the outcome of the rest of our lives.

The Choice: Is It Real?

Here’s a little question for you: If I give you only two options, is your life more like a train car, or more life a dune-buggy? Do our lives run on railroad tracks, with a course laid out, or do we hold a steering wheel in our hands?