Media Resources

Here are some of my favorite Seventh-day Adventist media resources to watch and listen to.


An online podcast ministry now led by Pastor Daniel, but originally started by the late Glen Trammell of the Stearns Seventh-day Adventist church. Be inspired by short devotionals and earnest prayers.

Weekly Messages

Did you miss this week’s service? Listen online and be blessed. You can listen to most of Pastor Daniel’s sermons in the podcast archives here, as well as other messages by local church elders and guest speakers.

It Is Written

A weekly 30-minute video program. (Apps for Android and iPhone)

  • By Every Word, a Daily 1-minute devotional program, also by It Is Written


The official Television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, with 24/7 programming and program archives.

Amazing Facts TV (AFTV)

A 24/7 broadcast of Adventist programming from Amazing Facts Ministries, and an excellent program archive. (Apps for Android and iPhone)

3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network

A well-known Satellite TV station with Adventist programming 24/7.

American Christian Ministries

An archive of the best Adventist audio sermons through history. (Apps for Android and iPhone)


Aggregating audio sermons from a conservative Adventist perspective. (Apps for Android and iPhone)