Bubble of Life

What exactly is the “firmament” or “expanse” mentioned in Genesis 1? Scientists may ridicule the “naive” concepts in the Creation story, but today Pastor Daniel explores the wonderful design God made to protect our planet on the second day of …

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Light in the Darkness

Where did we come from? How can we know, since experts have disagreed about the subject of origins for centuries? This week, Pastor Daniel begins a new series focusing on the story of creation: “Revisiting the Beginning.” Join in to …

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A Time to Watch and Pray

When Jesus led His disciples into that wooded garden after the last supper, he admonished them to “watch and pray.” Join Pastor Daniel as we witness Jesus’ agony in the garden and discover the importance and power of prayer!

In His Temple

In His

Since the dawn of creation, God has made known His desire for relationship with us. But why should God want to dwell with humankind? What’s more, are we willing to receive Him? This week, Pastor Daniel explores these questions and …

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The Coming King

They had waited with longing anticipation for years. Finally, their hopes were realized as he rode in triumph into Jerusalem, but at the peak of their excitement and joy, he paused to look and weep. Join Pastor Daniel as we …

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Love at Home

This week’s Sermon in the Woods concludes our 5-part series on God’s Love. Nothing can bring greater joy or deeper hurt than hearing a complement or criticism from one whom we love the most. In this week’s Sermon in the …

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Do You Trust Me?

What does trust have to do with love? God asks us to trust Him, but first He does something incredible… Listen as Pastor Daniel explores this theme through the story of the life of Abraham.

Covered by Love

As wonderful as love is, often the ugly faults in our lives–and in others–get in the way of love. This week, Pastor Daniel explores with us one of the hardest ways to love as we seek a deeper picture of …

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Love in Every Way

We know that God loves us, but have you ever stopped to appreciate all the different ways He communicates His love toward us? Listen as Pastor Daniel & Kristina explore the five languages of love through the Song of Solomon–how …

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My Savior Cares

Kristina shares a special message as we start a new series especially focused on God’s love. The Bible gives us beautiful pictures of the loving care and compassion of Jesus. Join Kristina in the woods as we explore God’s unfathomable …

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