I’m Pastor Daniel McFeeters, and I have a mission to share Jesus and the message of His soon coming! I have a passion to help people know Him better. I have a burden to minister to the needs of those who have less opportunity than others. I believe God has called me to be one of His ministers, to reach the people of Appalachia with God’s last-day message, symbolized by the three angels of Revelation 14.

I was raised in a loving Christian home. Although my family moved frequently when I was young, we settled near Somerset, Kentucky, when I was 13. I still claim southeast Kentucky as my home. I studied at Somerset Community College, and graduated in 2009 from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology. Already, I had been building a successful computer consulting business, and I continued working in the technology field until the summer of 2018.

As a child, I was fascinated by mission stories, and story-tellers like Eric B. Hare and Josephine Cunnington Edwards. That sparked an interest in ministry and missions which has grown to bring me to the work God has given me today. I dedicated my life to Christ as a teenager, and was baptized on June 27, 1998. In 2005 I went on my first overseas mission trip, to Cuba, and in 2006 I had the opportunity to work in Namibia for 9 months with Adventist Frontier Mission.

This was a life-changing experience in many ways. The AFM training and experience sparked a vision to use cross-cultural “friendship” ministry to reach the people of Appalachia with the love of Jesus. At the same time, I was getting better acquainted with a beautiful young woman, Kristina, whom I had known since childhood. Kristina and I kept up a correspondence while I was in Africa, and after I returned, our friendship grew into a relationship. We were married on March 8, 2009, and together we set up our home in McCreary County, Kentucky.

Since the beginning of our relationship, Kristina and I have been partners in ministry. After our wedding, we set about intentionally building friendships, not just in our local church, but in the local community–looking for ways to minister to the felt needs and share the love of Jesus. In the fall of 2009, Kristina began teaching a monthly cooking class, which soon grew to two classes each month (in separate locations). These classes eventually led to the opening of Kristina’s Kitchen, a bakery and vegetarian cafe in downtown Whitley City. Our community knows this isn’t a “money-making” venture, but another opportunity for ministry. We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from our community, and though Kristina and her parents spend long hours every week in the restaurant, it has allowed us to develop many friendships for the Kingdom of God.

In 2011-2012, I spent a year working as a literature evangelist, selling Bibles, Bible story books, and health books in 18 counties across eastern Kentucky. From 2012 – 2018, I worked full-time as IT manager for the Lake Cumberland District Health Department, in addition to doing local lay ministry. In 2015, I was asked to serve as a lay Pastor (bi-vocational pastor) for our local church in Stearns, Kentucky. Kristina and I prayed earnestly before accepting God’s call to ministry. Then, In summer 2018, we received a call from the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. I was asked to take a full-time pastoral position in a district of four Seventh-day Adventist congregations (including Stearns). After earnest prayer, we decided to give up a technology career in order to accept this call to full-time ministry.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this new chapter in life and ministry. Kristina still works full-time in her restaurant, and has taken on even more responsibility as a pastor’s wife in addition to her active roles in our local Stearns congregation. We have a great group of leaders in each of our church congregations, and by God’s grace we will continue to be faithful in whatever ministry He leads us to!

~Pastor Daniel (and Kristina)