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Here is a helpful search tool that I made, to make it easier to search for documents in some of my favorite places.

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Research Tools

Bible Study Tools

  • Blue Letter Bible
    • Blue Letter Bible is a powerful online Bible study tool and mobile app. It features most common English translations and has powerful original language search, as well as access to a number of commentaries. This tool has access to some of the best original language tools and lexicons available online for free. The interface feels a bit dated, but it’s still one of the most complete tools available. Android and IOS apps are also available, and can function offline (with limited translations available for download)
  • STEP Bible
    • STEP Bible features a modern, intuitive interface for comparing translations and doing original language studies. The default translation is ESV but it features many old and new translations as well as multiple Hebrew and Greek texts, and even Greek (LXX) Old Testament Texts such as the Apostolic Bible Polyglot. It’s a very useful tool (I recommend using a desktop interface. There is a mobile app but it’s very limited).
    • A powerful resource, similar to Blue Letter Bible, but with even more commentaries than BLB. The index of commentaries gives a very helpful overview of the different commentaries available.
  • NET Bible
    • The New English Translation with access to the full translators notes. The desktop interface also allows you to do original language studies as well, and the copious translators’ notes are incredibly helpful and comparable to what you would find in a modern commentary.
  • Logos
    • One of the most well-known resources for Bible study. Logos libraries can be quite costly, but there are also many resources available for free as well.