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Behold The Lamb

I shared this 7-part series based on the Sanctuary this spring, in our Williamsburg church. I pray that you will be blessed! This series is loosely based on an older 13-part series that I did in Stearns, along with Micah

A Prophecy Bible Study – Live

Between October 12 and November 17, 2018, my wife Kristina and I presented a 26-part prophecy Bible study at the Stearns Seventh-day Adventist Church. The series was well attended, and was live-streamed on Facebook as well. We used the “Prophecies

Is Last Generation Theology the Answer To Progressive Adventism?

Since the concepts of Last Generation Theology were thrust to the forefront of my consciousness a couple of years ago, I have spent considerable time pondering their meaning. In recent years, more and more Seventh-day Adventist leaders have proclaimed their

Bible Translation Comparison

The King James Version has been the standard for English translations of the Bible for over 400 years. The original edition, published in 1611, is hardly decipherable by English speakers today. The spelling and type face were updated in 1769,

Which Bible Translation?

He was a bright young scholar, only 29 years of age, yet he was about to make the most significant discovery of his career—a discovery that would soon alter the course of history. His goal was simple: to prove scientifically

The Story of the Word

This past week, we spent some time canoeing and camping at laurel lake. As we laid in our hammock stretched out between the trees, and listened to the endless calls of the birds and the forest, I was amazed by

Analysis of Last Generation Theology

For much of my life, I have heard the concepts of last generation theology (or LGT) preached from pulpits, integrated into Bible studies, and heralded at conservative campmeetings and conventions around the country. I have at times studied into various