Job’s Resurrection Epiphany

Job’s Resurrection Epiphany

A Logical Deduction from God’s Character of Justice

The concept of life after death, now a common teaching in the Christian world, is surprisingly rare to find in the Old Testament scriptures. Many scholars have taught that this belief arose late in the history of Judah, perhaps during the second temple period. In this paper, I explore a passage from the book of Job in the Old Testament, demonstrating that a belief in life after death was relevant to the ancient worship of Yahweh. This paper demonstrates Job’s logical proof of the resurrection as an epiphany of hope, grounded in Job’s understanding of God’s love and justice in the face of calamity and injustice.

I wrote this paper as a class assignment for my Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation class at Southern Adventist University, taught by Dr. Wilson Paroschi.

Download Job’s Resurrection Epiphany (PDF)

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