Generative AI Resources

Networking & Free Media

Advent AI Labs Facebook Group

  • Connect and share ideas for using AI in ministry

The Virtual Bible Snapshot Project

  • Free images, photos and media for pastors and Bible teachers
  • AI Images
  • Bible Lands Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Videos
  • Music

Adventist Media Exchange

  • Thousands of photographs and images including many creative images and AI artwork.

Prompting Guides

Image Generation Tools



  • Previsouly only accessible via Discord
  • Cost $10/mo (no free option)
  • Does not handle multiple characters / interactions well
  • Highly detailed and realistic output
  • Any aspect ratio
  • Character Reference
    • Allows consistent characters
  • Style Reference
    • Match a given image style

Adobe Firefly

Stable Diffusion

  • Open Source 
  • Many advanced features

Meta AI


Gemini (Google) no pictures of people at this time

Image Upscaling Tools

Natural Language tools

Music / Speech Generation

Video Generation