LE Retreat – Introduction

(The following are notes from a talk I gave at my first Literature Evangelist retreat, in Pigeon Forge, TN, to a group of fellow LE’s from around the Southern Union.)

Just under 3 years ago, my wife and I were united in marriage and moved to eastern Kentucky especially to do missionary work. For years I had worked to build a computer business, and now, together, we were building friendships in the community to win others to Christ. Yet, increasingly, I had felt the need to become more active in laboring for Christ. That’s when a casual conversation with Dan Herwick turned into an interview which changed the course of my career!

Within the next several weeks, John Willeford worked with me to teach me the ropes of canvassing, and in the process we had some amazing experiences! It seems that in this work, the Lord is in the business of setting up Divine appointments! As I gave my first canvass, I had merely begun talking with a gentleman when his wife arrived home from work, and both were able to see the books together! That lead turned into another appointment, and a few weeks later a $900 set of books was purchased for his local church library! God’s timing is perfect!

Another time, we drove to a lead only to be told “That person doesn’t live here anymore—she’s in jail!” Noticing children in the home, I explained the nature of our work and asked to step inside. The lady invited us in and listened to the canvass. I closed on the Bible Story, Desire of Ages, and the Family Bible and she bought the set!

“John, I am so mad at you!” I teased, as we drove away. “I met you over two years ago, and you never told me how much fun it is to be an LE!” Of course, John had told me before—and he assured me of that—I simply couldn’t believe it until I became one myself!

Are there trials? Yes. Do we get discouraged? Yes. But does God provide? Definitely yes. Just before Christmas, as I was canvassing, the engine in my car quit. I didn’t have …

I’m hooked! I wouldn’t trade this job for anything! It’s more than a job—it’s a life adventure full of faith and miracles! I just can’t wait to see what God has in store for next week!

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