A Treasure of Love

A Treasure of Love

Something was in the air. I just knew it! The pieces seemed to fit together. Here it was, 2:30 Monday afternoon, and I hadn’t seen him online all day! Sure, he’d said he would be busy this morning, but he hadn’t said all day. Then too, Dad was on his way home from Spokane. Mother was coming home early from work just to fix a special pizza dinner for him. And to top it all off, she had sent my “sister” to Grandma’s house, leaving me home alone. But no, it was impossible. I was in Washington. He was across the country in Kentucky. It just couldn’t happen. “Kristina, forget it. You’re just being silly. Just close your eyes and relax until Mother gets home. Everything is just fine. You’re just reading into things a bit too much.” I sighed and rolled over for the hundredth time while trying in vain to take a nap.

“Ding dong!” I sat straight up in bed. “Who could be ringing the doorbell? Mother and Dad never do; the neighbors would just open the door and holler.” My heart pounded as I walked slowly towards the door, as if in a dream. “Who could it be?” I reached the door, grasped the door knob, and stopped. “Breathe, Kristina,” I coached as each breath came in little gasps, “Breathe.” Slowly, I opened the door…

Ours is a story of wait and wonder, of serenity and suspense, of song and sadness, of laughter and love. Who would have thought that through all the varied circumstances, God’s hand was moving—forming and shaping our characters and lives, and leading us into a path together? In writing our story, we have attempted to present each event as it took place, to share some of the principles that have guided us along the way, and to give you a glimpse into our hearts and lives. Every person is unique, and God leads each of us in different ways, patiently teaching us to follow Him. This is a testimony of God’s love and grace, in bringing our lives together in spite of our struggles and failings. We pray that you may be inspired, blessed, and encouraged as you read our testimony—the Treasure of Love.

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Our Engagement Photo, March 2008 in North-Eastern Washington State

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