A Collection of Old Poems

I recently came across an old collection of poems that I wrote as a child. The poems are undated, but I know I wrote them all before I was 13 or 14 years old.


Work is so much fun to do
That I will not resign,
And if I think it’s very much
Then I will not repine.
I know of some small boys and girls
That grump and gripe and whine,
Just ’cause some chore was given them
They may not get to dine.
And now my dear small children
If you will try today,
To be as glad as you can be
Then that is Jesus’ Way

A Loving Heart

A loving heart is sharing,
A loving heart is kind.
A loving heart says not, “me first,”
It says not, “this is mine.”

A loving heart loves enemies,
And to them it lends.
It lends to them many needed things,
And hopes for none again.

It doesn’t stop right there you see,
For your reward is great.
Children of the highest be,
If kind to those who hate.

Some Good Advice

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;
And lean not unto how wise thou art.
In all thy ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall show thee where and when.

Some people think that they know all,
All there is to know.
But they are not above advice,
From one they think below.

Get wisdom, and get understanding,
And remember it notwithstanding.
Decline not from the words of God.
Follow in the path where he has trod.

Wisdom is the principal thing;
Therefore get thee wisdom.
And with all thy getting bring,
An understanding system.

How much better is it,
To get wisdom than gold!
And get understanding,
Than the silver of old!

Listen to people every day,
Let them tell you when to stay.
Let them tell you when to go,
Let them tell you ’bout so and so.

God’s Strength

God gives us strength that we may need
To follow rightly where he leads.
He gives us power to resist
All of Satan’s “Come do this!”

God’s strong enough to move a mountain,
Strong enough to make a fountain,
Has might enough to plane a plain,
He’s great enough to make it rain!

But my God so loved you and me,
He came to earth to die for me.
He came to give his life away,
That I might live with Him some day.

The Kingdom That Never Ends

All the kingdoms of the earth
Crumbled in the peoples mirth.
Babylon the mighty fell,
When the great king’s head did swell.

Medo-Persia and then Greece
Fell down in the soldiers’ sleep.

Some said Rome would never fall,
With all the armies, walls, and all.
But slowly with a plebian power
It came down for ten to tower.

When the Papacy appeared;
All the people shouted, cheered.
A deadly wound came from the French.
But now it’s healed. We’re in a pinch!

But my God so loved you and me,
He came to earth to die for me.
He came to give his life away,
That I might live with Him some day.

His kingdom firm will never end.
This kingdom will His love attend.
The saints and martyrs, duke and peasant,
All who love Him will be present.

The Sick Man and Jesus

The man so sick with palsy
Lay helpless on his bed.
Then came his four dear friends,
“We have good news,” they said.

They told him of dear Jesus.
He said he’d like to go.
“I’ll be healed at last!”
“I know,” said he, “I know!”

His four dear friends agreed,
They laid him on his bed.
They came and saw the house was crowded
“We’ll raise him to the roof instead.”

“We’ll tear the roof.
We’ll let him down.
We’ll lower him
Down to the ground.”

And so they did,
And Jesus said,
“Thy sins be forgiven.
Take up thy bed.”

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