Job’s Resurrection Epiphany

A Logical Deduction from God’s Character of Justice The concept of life after death, now a common teaching in the Christian world, is surprisingly rare to find in the Old Testament scriptures. Many scholars have taught that this belief arose …

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Women in Ministry in the New Testament

What does it mean to be a woman in God’s church today? How does one’s gender affect their relationship to God, to society, and importantly, to the community of believers?


Don’t miss this “Sermon in the Snow” with an important message for this year we have just entered! As we enter the new year, it could be easy to be fearful for what is in store. Join Pastor Daniel on …

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Discover the secret to lasting joy! Join Kristina in the woods for a special Christmas message that begins with an old familiar story. Recorded near Cumberland Falls in Whitley County, Kentucky

Why a Child?

This week, Pastor Jon Remitera from the Danville / Somerset / Grove district joined me for a Christmas Sermon in the Woods! In the familiar story told at this season, the God of the Universe sent His own Son into …

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The Cheapest Medicine

How would you like to feel better, be happier and have more friends in your life? What if you could do this all with a medicine that costs nothing? Join Pastor Daniel by the lake shore to discover how you …

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How Thankful?

Yes, we’re finally back with more “Sermons in the Woods” in time for Thanksgiving! This week, Kristina was able to record a message for us. It’s the month of thankfulness, but how thankful are you? How can we show true …

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God Remembered

When the world-wide flood was at its peak, it must have seemed that God had forgotten. But God’s promises brought Noah through, and after the flood was over God gave Noah a token of His covenant which still stands today. …

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An Open Door

This week is our next episode in the series: As The Days of Noah Have you ever been locked out of your own home? If so, you know what it’s like to be on the wrong side of a closed …

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A Ship, But No Sea?

This week we continue our series: As the Days of Noah What does it mean to live by faith in an unbelieving world? Is faith simply the opposite of fear, or is their a deeper way in which our faith …

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